As Wall Street Banks Embrace Crypto, High-Flying Start-Ups Look To Lure Top Finance Talent


The hiring of digital asset units crypto has increased on Wall Street. However, some employees are leaving well-known businesses in search of more risk and, no doubt, greater profit.

Many firms have dedicated teams for cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain expertise, including JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs.

With more than 200 employees in its Onyx branch, JPMorgan has one of the largest crypto divisions. JPM Coin is a digital currency that is used commercially to send money all over the world.

From The CEO’s Desk

The CEO of Onyx by JPMorgan, Umar Farooq, indicated that the workforce has to worry about compliance and defending the banking institution’s strategy and that the company moves more slowly than the average crypto startup.

When goods are released, however, it reaches “a size that a fintech can only dream of.”

“There aren’t any places where you can launch a new platform and have it move from zero to transacting a billion dollars in trade per day in a matter of months,” Farooq told CNBC. “Scale like that is only achievable when you work for a business like JPMorgan Chase.”

The benefits of that scale much outweigh any disadvantages that may arise as a result of more restrictions or controls.”

When it comes to hiring, Farooq stated it is a mixture of present JPMorgan workers and competing for talent with start-ups and greater tech firms. From first-year analysts to senior administration and managing administrators, there is a higher curiosity in making the transfer to crypto, he stated.

A ‘Wall St’ signal is seen above two ‘One Way’ indicators in New York.

Crypto Jobs On The Rise

According to LinkedIn data, financial services firms added three times as many crypto jobs last year as they did in 2015.

That rate increased by 40% in the first half of 2021. Deutsche Bank, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Capital One, Barclays, Credit Suisse, UBS, Bank of America, and BNY Mellon were among the banks on a crypto hiring binge.

The rise of cryptocurrency on Wall Street is accompanied by increased financing and recruiting in the startup world. According to CB Insights, crypto and blockchain companies raised a record $25 billion last year, an eightfold increase from the previous year.

JPMorgan has had “minimal attrition” despite its start-up growth, according to Farooq. Individuals who “wanted to create their own firm vs wanting to work for someone else” were among those who left.

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