Attack on Titan Final Season Reportedly Still Set for Fall Debut


The legendary anime rears its Titans’s head

Even before its conception on April 7, 2013, the anime which is based on Hajime Isayama’s creation has turned into a wildly popular series that fans have been following religiously. 

Attack on Titan Season 4 or as it is officially known as Attack on Titan: The Final Season is produced by MAPPA studio and directed by Yuichiro Hayashi. With the third season behind us and as the action anime enter its final arc; we’ve brought together everything it is that you need to know about the upcoming and final season:


A delay in production due to COVID-19 outbreak can be expected from the creators and the network. Adding to the delay is also Japan’s long state of emergency which ended on May 26, 2020.

Although, earlier reports close to the anime claimed that despite the pandemic the anime will stick to its fall 2020, i.e. September-November, release. No fixed date has been mentioned as of now, instead, the studio simply says to “look forward to the anime broadcast”.

The number of episodes could vary between 12 and 25 and will drop on a weekly basis rather than the whole season dropping at once for a binge watch. This could mean that the anime could easily have a streaming period between three to six months.

However, since the third season was released as two parts wherein the first run was between July-October and later April-July, it is possible the fourth season will release in a similar manner. 

MAPPA studios won’t be the first to have its schedule suffer from the cascading effects of the ongoing pandemic and the worldwide mitigation efforts. One can only hope that the anime releases by late 2020 or at least the first run of the final season. 


With a total of 57 episodes across a period of six years, for its finale, Attack on Titan Season 4 will follow its manga ending.

The action anime follows the Scouts, a band of elite soldiers who defend the last refuge of human civilization against Titans who have a taste for human flesh. Eren Jaeger has always wanted to know what lies beyond walls and wishes to be a part of the Scouts. However, all that changes when a Titan enters the wall for the first time in 100 years. Destruction ensues. 

Of the many devoured by the Titans is Eren’s mother who ever since swears to eliminate every Titan responsible for their suffering. Joining him on the journey are his friends Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlot. 

Season 4 will see new foes and how Eren and his comrades put an end to their subjugation.

It’s the eye-widening plot, high-octane action sequences, slick combat animation, dynamic characters, unglazed version of the horrors of the war; its futility and hope for something better that makes this anime a must watch and a favourite among anime lovers. Care for a re-watch? We think so.

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