Avalanche ($AVAX) Founder “I’m A Big Admirer Of Cardano’s Focus Towards Academic Research”


On Wednesday, Dr. Emin Gün Sirer, Co-Founder and CEO of Ava Labs, the Brooklyn-based startup behind Avalanche ($AVAX), expressed his support for Cardano’s peer review and formal verification-based process (April 6).

Avalanche ($AVAX) Founder Speaks About Cardano’s Academic Research

His kind words on Cardano came in response to a tweet about an announcement made by the Cardano Foundation on April 5.

As previously reported by CryptoGlobe, the Cardano Foundation, the “non-profit organization and custodian of the Cardano blockchain,” announced in a blog post published on Tuesday (April 5) that it has been  partnering with the global Blockchain Center of the University of Zurich (UZH BCC), which is also one among the leading research universities in Europe,” for the next three years to “explore the development of blockchain education and research initiatives.”

The rest of the blog article states:

“The Cardano Foundation plans to establish a research collaboration with the Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (BDLT) Group at the University of Zurich.” Furthermore, it is aimed at two main objectives: contributing to the BDLT Group’s knowledge and Cardano’s ongoing development.

“The BDLT Group will provide the Cardano Foundation with vital tools for Cardano development and governance, with a focus on the incentives underlying the consensus protocol and a comprehensive investigation of the platform’s economic activities.

” The research will look at the major concerns surrounding Cardano as a secure, scalable, and decentralized system from a variety of angles.”

And here’s what Dr. Sirer, a computer science professor at Cornell University for nearly 20 years (from January 2001 to August 2021), had to say the next day about Cardano ($ADA) and its creator Charles Hoskinson.

Some members of the crypto community were taken aback by Dr. Sirer’s praises, as he has not always been kind to Cardano.

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