Avalanche Crypto Event Woos 3.5K To Barcelona With Late Parties, Late Starts, Long Lines


According to organizers, the Avalanche blockchain conference in Barcelona, Spain, drew over 3,500 people who paid up to $600 each, indicating that in-person bitcoin events are becoming more popular as the coronavirus fades.

In comparison, roughly 500 people attended an Avalanche event organized in Portugal last year in conjunction with a larger business convention. The Barcelona event was described as the first comprehensive conference dedicated to the Avalanche blockchain, according to organizers.

The Avalanche blockchain conference in Barcelona, Spain, gathered over 3,500 attendees who paid up to $600 each, indicating that as the coronavirus fades, in-person bitcoin events are growing more popular.

Last year, over 500 individuals attended an Avalanche event held in Portugal in conjunction with a major business convention. According to the organizers, the Barcelona event was the first comprehensive conference dedicated to the Avalanche blockchain.

Avax Price

The AVAX token from Avalanche was one of the hottest cryptocurrencies in 2021, with a 33-fold increase in value.

The year-to-date loss in 2022 would have been considerably steeper if it hadn’t been for a significant rally last week, which saw AVAX climb 25%, probably spurred, at least in part, by anticipation of the event in Barcelona.

Blockchain coders, venture capitalists, crypto traders, hedge fund executives, lawyers, marketers, designers, singers, gamers, and even some government officials were among the predominantly male gathering.

Apart from the official conference, organizers said there were more than 30 side events, with after-parties lasting until 4 a.m. in some cases. It began on Tuesday and will end on Friday, with a hackathon planned for the following weekend.


Devon Ferreira, head of marketing for Ava Labs, the company behind the Avalanche blockchain, said organizers took pains to make the in-person event easy for attendees to enjoy.

One specific thing was starting the daily agenda at noon – possibly a nod to the idea that a lot of the value at international business gatherings like this comes after-hours, especially in a city known for its late dinners.

“We realize that nobody ever comes back from a conference raving about the keynote that happened on Day Three,” Ferreira told CoinDesk.

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