Avengers And 50 Shades Stars: Horror Stories And Chill!

Avengers and 50 Shades stars: Horror Stories and Chill!
Avengers and 50 Shades stars: Horror Stories and Chill!

Sometimes, we really want some spine-chilling horror spice in our everyday schedule. Yes, I agree. It helps in boosting up our senses, gives immense thrill and excitement. But at times, they become a bit scary though.

But how does fear matter when we have two Hollywood heart throbs blending their skills for a horror movie.

Damn Exciting, right?

Yes, you have got that correct!

Here we are talking about the celebrated Avengers’ Star, Anthony Mackie and the Fifty Shades of Grey star, Jamie Dornan. 

Guess what? This duo is joining hands and have been winning hearts as they are encountering evil in their first look for the new movie from the makers of The Endless, Spring and Resolution. Yes, the world-famous Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead.

In the new film, Synchronic, the duo stumbles on malevolent forces as they are called to tend the victims in a crime scene. Mackie has already faced some shortcomings and some Lovecraftian entities which purposely makes him question the reality.

Expected Release and Storyline

The Synchronic will have its US release in late October, confirms the production house. Though there are no current information about its UK release. 

Also, viewers are looking forward to some connections between Benson and Moorhead’s other movies and the newbie.

The specifications of being known as a horror film itself gives enough reasons to viewers to watch the movie and then an addition to this excitement is the star-cast duo Anthony and Jamie.


We wish the makers Love and Luck. And we continue to wait for the movie eagerly. I bet you, this film is sure to give us a better October. To double and triple up your excitement, do view the trailer.


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