Avengers: Endgame Confirms How Old Iron Man Died


The movie Avengers: Endgame was the great farewell of the character of Iron Man / Tony Stark of the Cinematic Universe of Marvel Studios

The ages of the great heroes of Marvel Studios are data that are rarely reflected in the movies and can only be found out by a comment made by the protagonists. The Avengers: Endgame movie showed us two key moments in the life of Iron Man / Tony Stark, when he was about to be born and when he died.

Other heroes like Peter Parker / Spider-Man by Tom Holland is supposed to be about 15 years old when he made his debut in Captain America: Civil War (2016). In addition, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor revealed in Avengers: Infinity War (2018) that he had been around for 1500 years, while Steve Rogers joked in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) that he was 95 but not dead, which it would be over 100 years old by the time Avengers: Endgame was released.

Tony Stark is similar in age to actor Robert Downey Jr.

When Howard Stark meets Iron Man, he reveals that his wife is pregnant during the time heist in Avengers: Endgame, and confirms Tony Stark’s date of birth as May 29, 1970, in the canon of the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe.

Knowing that the movie Avengers: Endgame is set in 2023 after there is a 5-year time jump, this means that Tony Stark is 53 years old. While actor Robert Downey Jr. was born in 1965 and turned 54 just three weeks before the film hit theaters and became the highest-grossing film ever made.

After Avengers: Endgame, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will release a lot of movies. In 2021 we will see The Eternals, Spider-man 3, Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings, and Black Widow. While in 2022 we can see Thor 4, Black Panther 2, and Doctor Strange 2.


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