B: The Beginning Season 2 – Beginning of Chaos in Cremona!


Hello Anime lovers! Today, we are back with some thrilling news of one of the best anime B: The Beginning.                                                    

B: The Beginning is a Japanese animation series scripted by Katsuya Ishida, directed by Kazuto Nakazawa and produced by Production I.G. It is a Science fictional, full of suspense and psychological thriller series. 

This is an original series that is not based on light novel or manga series. It’s first season is available in both Japanese and English language on one of the popular platform Netflix. 

One amazing fact is that firstly this show was named as Perfect Bones and later renewed as B: The Beginning.

Original Series with Original Plot!

The whole show is set in a fictional archipelagic nation called Cremona, in which a havoc is created by a serial killer know as B Killer. 

This show is set on future where technology is very advanced. The whole show basically sketched on two main characters named Keith Flick and Koku.       

Now in season 2, we will see how the city becomes free from the mysterious criminal plans and chaos. 

What about airing!

First season of this show was launched on 2 March, 2018 with set of 12 episodes altogether on Netflix. After few months on 12 June 2018, Netflix renewed the series for season 2. 

So, the season is assured but its final date is not announced yet, due to the ongoing scenario. As per the information, season 2 will reach us in the end of 2020 or in the beginning of 2021.


This show has dozens of characters but majorly it depends on two characters. First one is Keith Flick, who is a genius detective and RIS begged him to solve the case of serial killer called Killer B. Keith is very genius in maths and a short-tempered person.                          

Second one is Koku, he plays a double face character in this show. Firstly he sounds like normal human being who is finding his lost love Yuna from seven years. 

But as the series proceeds Koku’s real identity of a Serial Killer is revealed. He has an ability to transform his one leg and arm into steel weapons.                                                           

 So, in season 2 or any further seasons these two characters will definitely reprise their role. Hiroaki Hirata gives voice to Keith Kazama Flick character and Yuki Kaji gives voice to Koku or B Killer character.

Our ears are open for news on release date so, stay connected and tuned!

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