Backstreet Boys Are Having Their Own Radio Show


Quick Pickup:

• All I Have To Give is the name.

• The Band Will Answer Questions From Fans In The Radio Show

• The Show Will Stream On Apple Music.

A new venture from the famous Backstreet Boys is coming to Apple TV+, in the exclusive segment, the US boy band will mostly answer the questions asked by fans about their 27-year journey. 

Responding to the announcement, the band stated that they have had a hugely loyal fanbase all this time, and they would be grateful to share the stories about their journey directly to the fans. The show will start streaming on Apple Music and Apple TV+ from this Tuesday. 

The success of the band is something everyone has seen throughout the years, we are very much excited about the new segment, and we urge you to go and grab your seat as soon as the show starts.

In autumn 1995, the group started their career with the single “We’ve Got It Going On.” The band landed numerous international hits such as “Quit Playin ‘Games With My Heart” and “I Want It That Way.”

The record company has announced that the band is the most successful boy band of the world, and it has sold 130 million records so far.

Backstreet Boys: Their Albums

1996: Backstreet Boys

1997: Backstreet’s Back

1999: Millennium

2000: Black & Blue

2001: Greatest Hits

2004: Never Gone

2007: Unbreakable

2009: This Is Us

2012: In A World Like This

2019: DNA

Apart from this, to honor the summer once again, the Grammy-nominated hit giants Steve Aoki and the Backstreet Boys got together for the first time. They together have come up with their new single, titled “Let It Be Me.” 

The video for “Let It Be Me” is unlike anything the two have ever done before. The combination of charismatic music video and genuine and human severe interests creates an overall emotional picture that will be remembered for a long time.

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