Ball at the Blackpool

Ball at the Blackpool
Ball at the Blackpool

Imagine yourselves in a ball-room dance party. in an open-air space, under a full moon night with stars sparkling over your head. soothing peaceful music sipping into your soul through your ears.

You would love to lose yourselves in the sanctified ambiance of the show. 

Exactly, as flamboyant as it sounds, is what happened at Strictly Come Dancing’s Blackpool week, which is the best of all the other themes in the show, Musicals, Movie and Halloween, to name a few, a place where dancers from all over the world gather to compete with their steps.

The show has been a gift of memories to many of the professional dancers who have been pairing up with the celebrities on the show, the house has been their support since day one.

Ball at the Blackpool
Ball at the Blackpool

Some have been dancing since the start of Strictly: the best of Blackpool, the spinoff from the parent show.

Recently, the professionals took to recalling their memories. Judge Shirley Ballas, called tower, ‘The Mecca of ballroom dancing.’ She couldn’t express her feeling in words.

She expressed it feels as if somebody is really dancing in heaven. The feeling is awesome! Her colleague Motsi Mabuse added that it is a dream dancing platform for all dancers and a dream judgment platform for all judges.

One of them recalled their cherished moments by sharing some sweet adorable pictures. 

To the fans’ utter disappointment, due to the outbreak of the pandemic, this years’ Blackpool has been cancelled but to end on a positive note, the production house will soon bring in a new series on BBC by the end of the year.

And we promise to start gearing ourselves up for that.

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