There’s A New Way To Quickly Send U.S. Dollars Around The World With Bitcoin


There’s a new, low-cost way to move US digital currency throughout the world without going through a bank. It’s also built with bitcoin.

A blockchain-based startup Lightning Labs announced on Tuesday that it will debut the Taro protocol, a technology that will allow the bitcoin financial community to transit fiat-pegged stablecoins and other digital assets.

Taro makes use of Lightning, a financial platform built on top of bitcoin’s basic layer that enables global, high-volume, near-instantaneous, and low-fee transactions using the bitcoin blockchain’s security.

Lightning Labs CEO Elizabeth Stark told CNBC, “It’s one of those things where people don’t really know how the credit card system works – and it simply works.”

Normally, this ‘layer two’ funds platform focuses on making bitcoin easier to spend and receive, but Lightning Labs has decided to broaden the scope of this technology’s application to include other types of digital money.

“You could channel all of the world’s currency through bitcoin with this technology,” Stark said.

“People will be able to switch smoothly between bitcoin and a USD stablecoin, or a peso, euro, or yen, for example.” “And they can ship them anywhere in the world, instantaneously, and for a very modest charge,” she added.

How It Works

There is bitcoin, the asset class, and then there is the global bitcoin financial community that is interoperable. Lightning Labs is riding on the back of the latter.

Taro’s cost process can be thought of as a cross between the SWIFT monetary messaging system (the communication layer) and correspondent banking (routing part).

Typically, all nodes in the bitcoin community should agree to validate a transaction, with each transaction on the blockchain being verified. The procedure emphasises one of bitcoin’s greatest assets:

Its high degree of community decentralisation, which is a significant part of what secures its security. However, it is typically slow, averaging 5 transactions per second on bitcoin’s base layer, and it could be pricey.

On the Lightning Network, not all members in the community want to agree. Instead, nodes solely confirm transactions with which they’re straight interacting.

That distinction is vital. Stark tells CNBC that it is doable to execute tons of 1000’s of transactions per second on Lightning.

The final purpose is to create a frictionless on-ramp to the world financial system requiring solely a cell phone, so as to embody as many individuals as doable in the course of.


Lightning Labs – which also said it raised $70 million in Series B funding led by early Tesla and SpaceX backer Valor Equity Partners – says it’s releasing the Taro protocol’s technical standard so that it can include feedback from developers as it continues to develop the protocol.

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