Black Widow: Can The Movie Release On Disney+?


After being confirmed that Wonder Woman 1984 will premiere on HBO Max, many speculate if Marvel Studios will do the same with Black Widow on Disney +.

Due to the pandemic that is hitting the world, Black Widow had to change its release date in theaters several times. The truth is that it was not the only film that had this problem, and there were many film projects that will later reach the big screen or will be released directly on streaming platforms. One of them is Wonder Woman 1984, a film that will be released on HBO Max and in theaters, only in countries that do not have on the platform.

Originally, Black Widow was going to hit theaters in May 2020. This date had been announced by Marvel Studios in 2019 and fans were very excited. The plot focuses on Natasha’s life before the events we observe in Avengers: Infinity War but after Captain America: Civil War. The film will introduce us to a group of characters who had never appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but who have close ties with the protagonist.

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Will it premiere on Disney+?

The premiere of Black Widow was delayed to May 7, 2021, sparking much controversy over the fact that we didn’t have a single Marvel Studios premiere this year. But there is the possibility that his arrival at the cinema is not final. Warner Bros. recently announced that Wonder Woman 1984 will be released in theaters and HBO Max at the same time, a decision that caught the media and fans by surprise.

Now, the popular Daniel Richtman, famous in networks for his extensive knowledge of pop culture issues, wrote on Patreon about the new information that encompasses Black Widow: “I heard that after what WB did, Disney and Marvel Studios are considering launch Black Widow on Disney Plus”.


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