Black Widow: Release Date Could Be Changed Again!


The pandemic has accustomed us to waiting to see how the most anticipated titles are delayed, such as the releases of Marvel. That is the case of ‘Black Widow’. Now the movie about Natasha Romanoff is expected to be delayed again, according to recent reports.

As Variety points out, given the current situation, everything indicates that the 2020 delays will not diminish in 2021. As various parts of the United States continue to fight the coronavirus pandemic, the prospect of people being able to fill a movie theater is not is exactly promising right now. If spring doesn’t unfold the way people anticipated when the vaccine was announced, there is likely to be another delay. And that course of action would open the door for a Disney + premiere at some point.

Several fans have been asking for the streaming premiere solution since mid-summer (“Black Widow” was originally due to premiere on May 1). However, the reception of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ this December on HBO Max could be crucial in making a decision.

In general, all the premieres have gone. It has been a massive set of musical chairs for most of the theatrical premieres. ‘Morbius’ has moved to fall. However, the Scarlett Johansson movie is dated May 7. At this point, it seems less likely that everything will go as planned, but Marvel Studios leaders will have to take stock of this situation as the situation evolves.

” I mean, trust does not make sense in today’s world because nobody knows anything. Hope is eternal, ” explained Marvel Studios president and producer Kevin Feige, when asked about the possibilities that ‘Black Widow’ is will premiere in theaters instead of the Disney + platform. ” One year of delay you hope that is enough, now there is a vaccine. We will see. I certainly hope so. I want to be back in the theater with the people.

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