Blade: What Are Kevin Feige’s Plans?


Announcements for movies like Blade are coming soon, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige said. Starring Wesley Snipes as Marvel’s vampire hunter, 1998’s Blade brought dark and violent comic book action to the big screen, much to the delight of hardcore fans. The R-rating formula was also popular with the general public, as the film grossed $ 131 million at the box office on a budget of $45 million.

With Blade having established itself as a viable franchise, Guillermo Del Toro took over the helm of the 2002 sequel, which grossed $ 155 million. However, the character had obstacles in 2004’s Blade: Trinity, as the film’s star had supposedly turned into an unbearable diva on set. The film did not have the success of the previous two and was not well received by critics, so the franchise took a long hiatus, until you have been revived with Disney as the owner of the rights to the character and announcing the Oscar winner, Mahershala Ali. as the relief of Wesley Snipes as the antihero of the vampire hunting comics.

Actually, little has been revealed so far about the reboot, beyond Mahershala Ali’s participation as the lead actor, but Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige hinted that more information on the project will be coming soon. Speaking at the recent Disney Investor Day 2020 presentation, Feige made a mention of Blade and promised news very soon:

“As we announced at Comic-Con last year, we move on with Blade, starring Oscar winner Mahershala Ali. The development and the stories are coming together and we will have announcements very, very soon.”

Given Feige’s comments on Blade at Disney Investor Day 2020, it’s clear that the film is in a very early stage of development and there’s really nothing substantial to say about it at this point. But at least fans know the movie is still alive after the project’s existence was initially announced at San Diego Comic-Con. It certainly looks like things are progressing well, and maybe a real update is coming soon, including details on how the Blade reboot will approach the character and the world of his dark comedy, as well as how he fits in with the MCU already. existing.

Civil War 2:

Fans of the comic book version of Blade are obviously very concerned that the film will keep the tone of the original material as Disney is now taking over the management of the franchise. Disney, of course, is not known for making dark and rough comic book movies, so many are concerned that the rough edges will be removed from Blade as the character becomes more aligned with the familiar MCU tone. That said, it’s hard to see why Marvel and Disney would even bother to go ahead with a Blade if they didn’t want to preserve the R-rated tone of the comics as the original trilogy did. On the other hand, given Disney’s history with comic book movies, they might think they can do whatever they want regardless of fan wishes, including making a PG13 rated Blade movie. So we just have to wait for more news.


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