Borat 3: Sacha Baron Cohen Puts Conditions!


Unfortunately, what happened in the name of the new president-elect in the United States Capitol was not at all funny. Yes, there was a horny lunatic and the result has been hundreds of wacky and dystopian photos. However, it is also a sample of Goebbels’ phrase that a lie was repeated a hundred times. Thus, like the students of the film The Wave, Trumpian history was characterized as fascist repurchases and various geeks that ended with a dead and more embarrassing image of the history of American democracy.

We would like to save the events thinking that, at least, there is a possibility that Sacha Baron Cohen was in the matter. The whole event seems the wildest one can imagine putting an end to a Borat film. Yes, Borat 2 has not been released but yesterday was so hidden camera that some of us wanted to believe that it was all a joke in bad taste.

In a new interview with Variety, Baron Cohen said: “I felt that democracy was in danger, I felt that people’s lives were in danger and I felt compelled to finish the film. The movie was originally about the danger of Trump and Trumpism. What the coronavirus showed was that there is a lethal effect on its spread of lies and conspiracy theories. “

However, Sacha Baron Cohen closed the possibility of a third party.  He said, “I took out Borat for Trump. There was a purpose for this movie, and I really don’t see the point in doing it again. So yeah, it’s stored in the closet.”

Baron Cohen was one of many celebrities who reacted with disgust to Trump’s tweets about the assault on the Capitol on Wednesday, January 6.


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