Brad Pitt And Harry Style Movies Fans are eagerly waiting for it to happen


Hello friends. How have you been? Doing well with keeping a track of all the latest updates?

Well here is another hot and sizzling update for you which you would not want to miss. So, get comfortably seated and begin reading the news that will rise the temperature of your room.

Brad Pitt and Harry Styles are coming together for a movie

Brad Pitt and Harry Styles are coming together for a movie. Really?

Nope! Well, Sorry folks, we know that you were waiting for such announcements but this is sadly not true at all. 

Sorry for killing your excitement but the fact is that the two handsome hunks are not coming together for any project as of now. 

So, the heat that was expected to rise the temperature is not happening right now because the two hotties have not singed any such project.

Just a viral Rumour?

A viral news from a website claimed that both of the Hollywood A-listers have joined forces to come together in an upcoming film. The website even shared a plot and title of the film ‘Faster, Cheaper, Better’ yup that’s the title that was shared amongst the viewers and this viral news generated heaps of excitement amongst the fans of both the actors and they stared showering their love for the upcoming movie. 

The sentiments of the fans got hurt when they came to know that this news was just a rumour. 

Here’s the official twitter account of Vanity Fair that confirmed the viral news to be a rumour. Click on the link below if you wish to see it.

To make the rumour more authentic and viral, the website also shared a summary of the plot. ‘The film will show how human beings are getting replaced with artificial intelligence and robots, thus increasing the trucking industry with no humans in it’.

We must say the website played a fool proof prank but breaking thousands of hearts of the fans was not a good idea. Although giving a hint that these two stars can be casted together for a blockbuster movie was indeed a nice thought.

We hope some director-producer considers this idea and actually come up with a project having the two hot hunks in the lead roles.

With clearing the smoke of the rumour for our readers, we conclude our todays session. We hope you are not heartbroken. With that note, we take a leave for now, see you the next time, dearest reader.

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