Bruce Banner Has A Lot In Common With Werewolves


Bruce Banner is a brilliant man who transforms into the mighty Hulk. But the moonlight affects him like the Werewolves.

Many believe that the transformation of the Hulk is based on the rage and anger that have invaded Bruce Banner and he has not been able to control himself. But on some Marvel adventures, he began to turn into a gray Hulk at sunset, which was the original trigger for his transformations in The Incredible Hulk # 1 comic and was himself again at dawn. Later, we learned that the moonlight affected him like werewolves.

The Incredible Hulk # 333 provided this interesting tidbit when the gray version of the giant was obsessed with gaining dominance over Banner. Much more intelligent and amoral than his previous green-skinned form, he fell in love with his old enemy The Leader. Who discovered something strange about the biology of this new Hulk. In a strange sequence of dreams, The Leader’s mind revealed that the moonlight had a curious effect on the Hulk. Since it is basically reflected sunlight, which triggered the switch back to Banner.

The more moonlight the Hulk absorbed, the more influence Bruce Banner’s personality had on him. Therefore, during the nights of the full moon, the Gray version of the strongest Avenger acted kinder and was noticeably more reasonable than on other nights. On the other hand, on new moon nights when there was no residual sunlight to affect him, the cruel and greedy person was in full control. But he could even subliminally influence Banner’s actions.

It works the other way around with werewolves…

It was an interesting reversal of the usual history of werewolves since the full moon transforms them into more savage beings. But it makes the Hulk less dangerous than he normally was. So he tried to use this knowledge to his advantage. However, shortly after this reveal, he underwent another major change in his transformations when he was summoned to the submicroscopic world of K’ai, where his green-skinned form (with the mind of Bruce Banner ) was once a great champion.


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