Cake DeFi Enters the eSports Industry Through the Competitive Gaming Platform FACEIT

Cake DeFi Enters the eSports Industry Through the Competitive Gaming Platform FACEIT
Cake DeFi Enters the eSports Industry Through the Competitive Gaming Platform FACEIT

Cake DeFi, one of the world’s fastest-growing crypto-fintech platforms, has announced a multi-million dollar collaboration with FACEIT, the world’s leading competitive online gaming platform.

As a result of the partnership with Pivot Agency, FACEIT users worldwide will be exposed to Cake DeFi’s authentic brand through a series of unique and multifaceted gaming experiences that will allow the community to win cryptocurrency.

Cake DeFi participants will receive a total of more than $500,000 in cryptocurrency prizes this year.

FACEIT intends to expand the number of games available as part of the company’s Play-to-Earn strategy

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Cake DeFi has entered the world of gaming and eSports for the first time. The agreement provides the company with access to FACEIT’s 25 million user base as well as the opportunity for players to win actual crypto prizes while participating in competitive gaming.

Users can compound their winnings and earn returns on their crypto by using Cake DeFi’s platform and access to decentralized finance applications.

The collaboration will include Cake DeFi Missions, in-game tasks, and monthly challenges for players to complete in order to win crypto prizes. Cake DeFi Weekly Tournaments will also be included and will run throughout the year and be open to all FACEIT players worldwide.

When players join Cake Defi, they may be able to earn even more rewards on the crypto they win. All crypto prizes can be redeemed through their Cake Defi account, allowing FACEIT to expand its current “play to earn” offerings.

Cake DeFi

Gaming publishers have already formed a long-term alliance with the largest platform of its kind, which caters to all levels of competitive gaming, from amateurs to professionals.

Cake Defi, a fully transparent, innovative, and regulated fintech platform, provides access to decentralized financial services and applications. It is based in Singapore and complies with all Monetary Authority of Singapore regulatory requirements (MAS).

Cake DeFi aims to empower and enable its users to harness the power of decentralized finance by educating and informing people all over the world about crypto and DeFi in an easy, understandable, and hassle-free manner.

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