Can Batman Defeat Wonder Woman?

Does there exist a connection between Batman and the Flash? Read to know more.
Does there exist a connection between Batman and the Flash? Read to know more.

Comic book fans know that Batman knows exactly how to defeat his fellow Justice League members in need and now DC has revealed how he could defeat Wonder Woman (Attention Spoilers)

DC fans know that Batman always has contingency plans in place to defeat many of his fellow Justice League members if any of them strayed astray and had to face them, including Wonder Woman, something we could. Check into Mark Waid’s story, Justice League: Tower of Babel, where Ra’s al Ghul steals Batman’s files to defeat the superhero team.

However, the cape crusader always has more than one contingency plan, as we can discover in the Challenge of the Super-Sons comic series. In its third installment, DC reveals the method Batman would employ to eliminate Wonder Woman if necessary. The number, part of DC’s Digital-First line, written by Peter Tomasi with art by Max Raynor and colors by Luis Guerrero. Now available at all digital comic outlets.

Being one of the few non-superpowered members of the Justice League puts Batman at a disadvantage both in combat and in case one of his fellow League members goes astray. He knows it and to compensate he has developed multiple plans to defeat each member of the league. Several stories have been derived from this concept, as we have already mentioned. While fans have been aware of the multitude of ways Batman can beat Superman, not much has been revealed about how Batman would take on Wonder Woman – until now.

The Super Sons: Jonathan Kent (son of Lois Lane and Clark Kent) and Damian Wayne (son of Bruce Wayne) must save Wonder Woman from the Death Scroll, a mysterious scroll that reveals the name of their next victim. As the two hurry, Damian pulls out the bow from the veils, which he claims was created when the gods “reverse engineered” from Wonder Woman’s bond of truth, and essentially created her counterpart. Damian informs Jon that the link comes from Batman’s private weapon collection, a collection selected to take down the Justice League. Readers never get to know how Batman got the weapon. Jon is impressed by this revelation and asks Damian if Batman has a contingency plan for him too. Damian says no (claaaaro not hahaha).

Part of the appeal of Challenge of the Super-Sons is how the series sheds humorous new light on classic character tropes. For example, in a previous issue, you detailed one of Superman’s wardrobe problems in a hilarious way, and this issue continues like this. Many other DC heroes are aware of Batman’s paranoia and the plans he creates, but Jon does not, and he is understandably surprised. Knowing that your best friend’s father has a plan to kill your father, your father’s friends, and maybe even you can be a tough pill to swallow, but Jon handles it well here.

Despite all his drive, intellect, and fighting ability, Batman is still at a disadvantage when facing the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman, so he has to figure out how to match the match; figure out how to beat each of them if the need arises. Fans have been curious as to how he would defeat Wonder Woman, and now they know.


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