Captain Marvel 2: Release Date Is Here!


Captain Marvel laid the foundations for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a future that will be dominated by the presence of superheroines. After the success of the aforementioned film, it was a fact that Captain Marvel 2 would see the light sooner or later.

Captain Marvel, in addition to grossing $ 1.1 billion at the box office, was also the first solo film for a Marvel superhero. Of course, their strategy was a complete success, as fans welcomed Carol Danvers with open arms. This led the company to continue strengthening the prominence of its female characters; At the end of this year, we will have the opportunity to see Black Widow, which was delayed due to the coronavirus.

While ” Captain Marvel” recounted the path that Carol Danvers went through to become one of the most powerful women in the Universe, in the middle of a bloody war between the alien races Skrull and Kree; it is known that the sequel will be set after the events of ” Avengers: Endgame .”

As per the reports, one of the most recurrent rumors is that the villain of the film will be Veranke, the queen of the Skrull empire. If this is confirmed it would set the stage for the ‘Secret Invasion’ saga when it is discovered that the Skrulls have been invading planet Earth.

Recent reports indicate that Captain Marvel 2 will leave the 90s to move to the present day. However, the heroine is not unaware of the present, because in Avengers: Endgame she fought alongside the Avengers to defeat Thanos. Surely the new feature film will take place after the fall of the Mad Titan, but that information has yet to be confirmed. Another open secret has to do with the return of Samuel L. Jackson in his iconic role as Nick Fury.

Disney and Marvel Studios have confirmed that Captain Marvel 2, one of the films that will make up the new stage of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will be released in 2022.


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