Cardano Sidechain Project Set To Bring EVM Compatibility After Mainnet Launch


Blockchain startup dcSpark’s novel sidechain project (named “Milkomeda”), which will allow EVM-suitable keen arrangements to be executed from the Cardano mainnet, should have today’s mainnet ship off.

Plus, the Milkomeda project ensures future to convey interoperability among Cardano and another layer one (“L1)”) blockchains, as Solana.

This sounds unprecedented, right? However, who are people presenting this defense and how presumably could they say they are to have the choice to completely finish their assurances?

To address these requests, we need to explore dc park and the Milkomeda project.

A couple of Background Information on dc park and Its Founders

On 2 August 2021, a young startup called dc park figured out what were the components that impacted its decision to develop programming things on Cardano, which it called one of the “most reassuring crypto projects in the space.”

All Things Considered, How Does Dc Spark Answer?

To be sure, according to its improvement bunch, the essential targets are to:

“Expand Blockchain Protocol Layers”

“Execute First-Class Ecosystem Tooling”

“Make and Release User-Facing Apps”

dc park was assisted with laying out in April 2021 by Nicolas Arqueros, Sebastien Guillemot, and Robert Kornacki.

Boss Nicolas Arqueros is the ex-CTO of EMURGO (which achieves for Cardano what might measure up to how ConsenSys helps Ethereum) and at this point “fills in as a Board Member at the Cardano Foundation.”

CTO Sebastien Guillemot is the past VP of Engineering and Cardano Product Manager at EMURGO.

CSO Robert Kornacki was already Head of Research at EMURGO.

The Aims of Milkomeda and What It Means for Cardano

In a blog section dispersed on 25 August 2021, dcSpark CTO Sebastien Guillemot examined Milkomeda, his association’s sidechain project.

The crucial idea is that Milkomeda will help L1 blockchains – like Cardano, Solana, and Polkadot – that don’t yet have a comparative kind of “fiery” originator neighborhood a comparative level of mass gathering as.

Ethereum by giving them “both EVM-based sidechains and novel tech that give reliable UX to the two specialists and general clients.”

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