Carnival Row Season 2: Find Out What’s The Air Date And Story Leaks For The New Season


The series is the first to complete production post COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 may have hampered plans for the entire Hollywood and TV industry but Carnival Row isn’t one to take a beating. With just two weeks of filming left, the production crew managed to finish filming in due time, courtesy of the Czech Republic team and government.

The team that had completed most of the production work in March and wrapped up filming. Thanks to the craftsmanship of the Czech crew who built sets with intricate details in no time. The government and locals helped the crew in their live location shootings. With that, team managed to wrap up filming the remaining two weeks of production with complete ease. 


Even before the show first released, Carnival Row was already renewed for a second season. The first season premiered on Amazon Prime on August 30, 2019, with a total of 8 episodes each running for one hour. 

Season two will also see 8-episode format and considering that the series is in post-production, one can expect the neo-noir fantasy drama to release on the digital screens by late 2020 or early 2021.  

Initially, Carnival Row was scheduled for a summer 2020 release until COVID-19 pandemic happened. The shutdown delayed the filming for most films and TV series in production. However, with things opening up under the coronavirus protocols and safety guidelines, the industry is slowly getting back on track. Exhibit A: Carnival Row Season 2.


In the lead is Orlando Bloom playing the role of an inspector of the Burgue Constabulary and a war veteran named Rycroft ‘Philo’ Philostrate. 

Playing the role of Rycroft’s love interest is model turned actress Cara Delevingne as Vignette Stonemoss. Vignette is a fae and former lover of Rycroft whom she believed to be dead. 

David Gyasi stars as Agreus Astrayon who is looked down upon by the Burgue high society for his origin and appearance.  Imogen Spurnrose, an heiress, is played by Tamzin Merchant along with Andrew Gower who plays her brother Ezra Spurnrose.

Tourmaline Larou, Vignette’s friend and a courtesan at the Tetterby Hotel in Carnival Row is portrayed by Karla Crome. 

Playing the Breakspears are Jarred Harris, Arty Froushan and Games of Thrones’ star Indira Varma as Absalom, the Chancellor of the Republic of the Burgue; Jonah, Absalom’s son and Piety, Absalom’s manipulative wife respectively.


Set in the Victorian times, this fantasy drama tells the story of mythological creatures who were forced out of their realms and are seeking refuge on Earth in the dirty portion of the city as they strive to coexist with the humans.

Season two will further see the budding romance between Imogen and Agreus as they fight for their love against all odds. Furthermore, Philo’s journey as he struggles with his half-human and half-fae identity will be highlighted in the upcoming season.

 As more characters join the show, season two will be a mix of captivating visuals and gripping storylines. 

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