Casualty spoilers for May 8

Fans of Casualty will be treated to a double dose of ED drama next week, as the show will air twice.

The double bill will pave the way for some future schedule shifts in May, with Marty and Jade taking on separate challenges, Lev reaching a turning point, and Ciaran returning in a slightly different guise.

Here’s a complete list of the 13 most important events coming up.

  1. Lev has a traumatic accident. 

Lev can’t stand being seen in the hospital after Faith outed him in front of his coworkers.

As his coworkers worry about his fortnight-long absence, Lev engages in dangerous motocross racing in an attempt to get away.

Lev has a scary quad bike crash as he tries to take more chances, and he is mortified when Fenisha and Iain arrive to treat him.

Fenisha is forced to think beyond the box to save Lev, who is unable to face the ED and refuses medication or hospital admission.

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  1. Iain makes contact with Lev 

Fenisha’s efforts to affirm Lev’s sexuality only make him feel more isolated as he reluctantly agrees to be treated at the ambulance station.

Iain, on the other hand, connects with Lev and explains that he understands what it’s like to want to vanish.

When they grow closer, Iain assures Lev that no one cares if he’s gay and encourages him to come out of hiding.

When his racing buddy Mal is rushed to the hospital, Lev follows Iain’s advice and enters the emergency room, where he is greeted by the unfazed and welcoming faces of his coworkers. Lev is relieved to be able to return to work as a result of the response he got.

  1. Ethan experiences a flashback… 

Ethan works on a tough case while being observed by Tabitha, the hospital’s training manager, who is conducting a Leadership workshop.

When they have real medicine to do, Ethan dismisses the notion of leadership preparation, and his laid-back attitude spills over into his classroom role-playing exercise.

As a result, Ethan is the target of Tabitha’s wrath, who accuses him of not being compassionate enough.

As Tabitha’s nose starts to bleed, Ethan’s memory is jogged, and he realises that he has known her since she was a junior doctor a few years ago.

4….And is forced to rethink his behaviour.

Tabitha runs into Charlie after being forced to cancel her workshop, and he recognises her from her brief stay in the ED. Tabitha admits that a lack of confidence prompted her career shift, and it quickly becomes apparent that Ethan was a major contributor to the issue.

As Ethan apologises for not recognising Tabitha earlier, she retaliates by accusing him of making her medical training difficult.

Ethan refuses to take blame, claiming that Tabitha’s anxiety was the reason he didn’t suggest she complete her training – and that doctors must be prepared for stress, not insulated from it.

Later, Ethan is forced to consider the mistakes he made with Tabitha, as well as the way he handled Rash during his preparation.

  1. Marty is taken aback. 

Marty is fed up with the vaginal mesh clinic ignoring his calls, so he asks Jade to cover his change while he follows up with them.

Marty is taken aback when he is given a Cease and Desist order, ordering him to stop ‘harassing’ the clinic after he attempts and fails to contact them again.

Marty expresses his defeat with Jade, who adamantly tells him not to – the surgeon would not get away with it.

  1. Jade confides in Marty.

Marty eventually notices that something is wrong with Jade after her outrage over Bibi’s injustice, and he urges her to tell him what’s going on.

Jade informs Marty that she was spiked a few weeks ago and that she is still processing it.

Marty, mortified by his recent selfishness, promises to help her, and Jade, in exchange, promises to assist him in his battle against the clinic.

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  1. Jade is reminded of her ordeal in a harrowing way.

When a spiking victim is rushed into Resus and dies, Jade is shaken. When Robyn casually mentions that the spiking may be to blame, a distraught Jade storms away.

Robyn expresses her regret for offending Jade, inspiring Jade to bravely share her own spiking experience.

Jade states that she was unable to stop the man from fleeing. Jade is enraged by the injustice and vows to take matters into her own hands, despite Robyn’s sympathies.

  1. Robyn and Jade team up 

Jade, seeking vengeance, decides to dip test drinks at the bar where she was spiked in the hopes of catching a spiker – any spiker – and enlists the help of a reluctant Robyn.

Jade struggles to keep flashbacks of her spiking at the pub, but is relieved when Robyn arrives to assist her.

They work together to test everyone’s drinks, which are all clear, but when Robyn encourages Jade to finish the plan and have fun, it’s clear that Jade has other plans. Jade, emboldened, invites Robyn to dance alone as bait while she works on her next step…

  1. Jade devises a perilous plan

Robyn reluctantly listens to Jade’s orders, only to be confronted awkwardly by a stranger named Avery shortly after.

Suspicious, Jade dip checks the drink that Avery bought Robyn, and it comes back positive, much to her surprise. Jade switches the glasses on the spur of the moment, and Avery drinks the spiked drink instead.

After Avery collapses in an ally, Jade scans his wallet for signs of spiking and discovers what she believes is ketamine. Jade intends to continue her vengeance by stripping Avery, but Robyn persuades her to assist him instead, and the two call an ambulance.

  1. Marty has yet another setback.

Marty is dreading the meeting he’s actually managed to set up with the CEO of the Harrington Street Clinic, the clinic that conducted his mother’s vaginal mesh surgery.

However, he has trouble gaining help from his coworkers, and things worsen when Marty’s mother returns to the ED with extreme leg pain. Is she going to be okay?

  1. Ciaran has returned! 

Marty is supporting Bibi and is unaware that Ciaran Coulson, the Clinic’s new CEO, is irritably waiting for him.

Marty pursues Ciaran and is taken aback when he learns that he is the Clinic’s director. Marty is warned to stand down by Ciaran, who denies any blame for Bibi’s situation. What will Marty’s next step be?

  1. Jan takes the initiative. 

When Jan notices Marty’s struggle, he intervenes and orders Ciaran to leave. She understands Marty’s predicament and recommends that someone act as a potential patient at the clinic to obtain evidence.

Marty is ecstatic at the prospect, but is disappointed when Jan declines to play the role of the mole herself.

When Jan meets with Marty’s mother and learns about the mesh’s terrible effect on Bibi’s life, she is moved to action and promises Marty that she will take Ciaran down.

Source: Digital Spy

  1. Lev takes a decision.

Lev is also dealing with his feelings after returning to work, and he takes his anger out on Faith. Iain overhears and advises Lev to be kinder to those who are attempting to assist him.

After realising that his condition is strikingly similar to that of a hospital patient, Lev realises that he doesn’t have to be alone in his reality and contacts his former lover, Xander, who agrees to meet him. Is this a watershed moment in Lev’s life?

These scenes will air on BBC One on Saturday, May 8 at 8.40pm and 9.20pm.

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