Charles Hoskinson Finally Launches Milkomeda C1 Mainnet ‘A Great Moment For Cardano’


The Milkomeda Foundation has uncovered the goodbye of Milkomeda C1, which “empowers Ethereum dApps to be conveyed in the Cardano natural structure.”

Charles Hoskinson launches Milkomeda C1 Mainnet

Blockchain startup dcSpark’s novel sidechain project – named “Milkomeda” – licenses EVM-plausible competent game plans to be executed from the Cardano mainnet.

Also, the Milkomeda project guarantees in future to convey interoperability among Cardano and another layer one (“L1)”) blockchains, as Solana.

Dc park was helped with spreading out in April 2021 by Nicolas Arqueros, Sebastien Guillemot and Robert Kornacki.

President Nicolas Arqueros is the ex-CTO of EMURGO (which accomplishes for Cardano what could compare how ConsenSys helps Ethereum) and now “fills in as a Board Member at the Cardano Foundation.”

CTO Sebastien Guillemot is the past VP of Engineering and Cardano Product Manager at EMURGO.

CSO Robert Kornacki was at that point Head of Research at EMURGO.

In a blog entry spread on 25 August 2021, dcSpark CTO Sebastien Guillemot discussed Milkomeda, his affiliation’s sidechain project.

The crucial thought is that Milkomeda will help L1 blockchains – like Cardano, Solana, and Polkadot – that don’t yet have a tantamount sort of “strong” originator area an equivalent degree of mass social occasion as

Ethereum by equipping them with “both EVM-based sidechains and novel tech that give solid UX to the two designers and general clients.”

Milkomeda desires to manage this issue by “working out sidechains with elective VMs related with the L1 mainchains which utilize their cryptographic money as their base resource”.

For example, on account of Cardano, what the means is that it will allow “sidechains to be sent that interface straightforwardly to the mainchain and use wADA (wrapped ADA) as the resource for pay for exchange charges.”

Guillemot says that the dcSpark social event will be “making and conveying an exceptional piece of tech for the Milkomeda show called wrapped sharp arrangements.”

Here he is figuring out the advantages this will bring to Cardano’s clients:

“With wrapped savvy courses of action, the L1 blockchain changes into a solid coordination layer that clients stay on while executing astute settlements on the sidechain without moving over to the sidechain themselves.

“This offers novel UX that would be useful for end clients, wherein for instance they will can execute shrewd settlements on an

EVM sidechain directly from Cardano mainnet (correspondingly in some other L1 relationship) without exchanging wallets or even recognize what’s happening in the background.”

The focal L1 blockchain that Milkomeda will attempt to help is Cardano. C1 is the name of the EVM-based sidechain that will “interface plainly to Cardano”; this isn’t just Milkomeda’s outright first sidechain, yet it is in like the way the first sidechain to be worked for Cardano.

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