Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Season 4: Details About The New Trailer


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will come to an end with its fourth season. Recently, Netflix released an official trailer which is surprising.

Since its launch in 2018, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has managed to win the hearts of the Netflix audience. However, after three seasons, the streaming platform announced that the series would come to an end with its fourth season, despite the fact that Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the show’s creator and showrunner, had other plans for his characters. Now Netflix has released a spectacular and disturbing trailer that we show you below.

From its first season, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina features Sabrina Spellman, a young woman who is about to turn 16 and is torn between the world of magic of her family and the real world of her friends. Over the course of the episodes, the protagonist, played by Kiernan Shipka, is dragged into the magical world, since at the end of the first installment she has to sacrifice her freedom in order to save the town of Greendale, swearing allegiance to the dark lord and the Church. of the night.

A crossover that didn’t happen

Before the streaming platform canceled the series, Aguirre-Sacasa had almost confirmed that he planned to tackle a major crossover with Riverdale in its fifth season. However, now these plans will not happen and this fact made the fans of both series very sad. However, there are still many episodes of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to watch.

The show’s fourth season, which was filmed long before Netflix announced the show’s cancellation, will continue events after Sabrina discovers that her brand-new, hellish everyday life will test affections and loyalties of all kinds. Also, Nick, who was freed by the young woman by transferring the Dark Lord to someone else, will continue to try to find a balance between pleasure and pain; Ambrose will try to alleviate his condition; while the protagonist and Caliban advance in their competition for the throne of hell.


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