Christian Bale To Star In Another Marvel Movie


Actor Christian Bale will be one of the great additions to Thor 4 as the great villain, but he will be very important for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

They are currently preparing the filming of Thor 4 and we know some interesting details such as that Christian Bale will play Gorr, the butcher of the gods. An extraterrestrial being who firmly believed in the supreme beings, until a misfortune occurs to his family and he feels abandoned by them. That is why he undertakes a crusade throughout the Universe to destroy all those who believe themselves to be deities. This means that the confrontation with Thor will be inevitable.

For now we do not know if this villain will be recreated by CGI Thanos style and simply Christian Bale will lend him his voice or if we will see the actor’s face with a lot of makeup. But the new information ensures that Marvel Studios has big plans for Gorr that would go beyond Thor 4.

What movies could you participate in?

Gorr is a perfect villain for the Thor 4 movie, as he is very powerful and has a legendary weapon like the All-black sword the Necrosword that can kill any being in the Marvel Universe. It does not matter if it is a celestial or a god. Since it was built by Knoll, a primal being that existed when everything was darkness and abyss, who is also the god of symbiotes such as Venom or Carnage. So the confrontation between Christian Bale and Chris Hemsworth will be very interesting.

But if Gorr has more travel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, without a doubt it must be in cosmic films like Captain Marvel 2, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, or The Eternals 2 (if they do the sequel). Since it wouldn’t make much sense for this villain to visit Earth. Especially when there are so many planets to explore. But what is clear is that there is a lot of desire to see Christian Bale in Thor 4 and hopefully it is as shocking as we all hope.


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