Cobra Kai Could Have Several Spin-Offs


The fourth season of ‘ Cobra Kai ‘ is already underway, but it seems that it will not be the only thing that fans of the Netflix series can look forward to. Its success on the platform has made it one of the most commented and beloved series of the moment, so it is not surprising that several ‘spin-offs’ in history are already being rumored, which will continue to expand the universe of’ Karate Kid ‘.

Executive producer and co-showrunner of the series, Hayden Schlossberg, has assured on TVLine that they are looking for ways to expand the franchise even further than this late sequel. And they want to do it by following the example of a successful model, the ‘Breaking Bad’ series and its spin-off stories: “Our hope is that we can really expand this entire Karate Kid universe and reinvigorate the fan base, to make it a story that We can keep counting. We have an ending for ‘Cobra Kai’, but we always compare it to our other favorite series, ‘Breaking Bad’, and how they are able to maintain the story with ‘Better Call Saul’ and ‘El Camino’ “, has explained.

Schlossberg has revealed that these ‘spin-off’ are born from the desire to dedicate more time to some of the characters we already know, whose stories are subjected to the half-hour episodes of ‘Cobra Kai’: “We spent time with the story of Kreese’s background [in season 3], but it could have been so much more … We have so much to tell in these half-hour episodes that it ends up not being enough because we are having a great time as friends who work in this dojo of ‘Karate Kid’ and I hope we can continue to do so” Even so, the producer assures that they will only continue with other parallel stories if they can maintain “the same level of quality as ‘Cobra Kai'”.

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