Cobra Kai Season 3: The Great Return Explained!


This is how they explain the great return in the third season of Cobra Kai.

The new season of Cobra Kai has just premiered on Netflix and has left great surprises and a spectacular return of the original 1984 film.

Attention SPOILERS. Cobra Kai Season 3 brings the shocking return of Ali, played by Elisabeth Shue. A character from the original film and the great trigger for the rivalry between Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka).

In a recent interview, actor Ralph Macchio explained what the big comeback was like.

“It was quite similar to when we were filming. We knew everything was in the works, so she arrived during the filming of season 3 of Cobra Kai. ”

“There was always a backup plan and a backup end in case an agreement was not reached. There was a difficult date when they needed that decision and it was just until the clock struck 12. But it was a great relief and we played tango together again and, as I said, there is a connection that is bigger than us with the cast by Cobra Kai ”.

William Zabka explains what Ali’s return means.

“She approached it the way that we did at the beginning of this, where she is very protective of the character and wanted to be portrayed correctly and not just put on the show just for the sake of saying, ‘There’s Ali.’ . but it has a good story. All of those things lined up and she was amazing to work with. It was just like the old days. ”

Ralph Macchio explained one of his favorite scenes when the three of them were together in this season of Cobra Kai:

“She had a moment where I came back and I wanted to apologize for years and she interrupts me. When I turn around to leave, it’s such a genuine moment on his face and they put the music from the little Karate Kid love story underneath, and it really was an ‘aww’ moment for me. In a way it was perfect. I didn’t know when we filmed it because I was leaving and I was the one who turned around, and you stay with her for that moment and there was a whole story in her eyes that I thought really captured the heart of that sweet little teenage romance from 36 years ago ”.

William Zabka also commented on his best moment:

“I think the moment that struck me the most was when we were doing the Cobra Kai miniature golf scene after all the fun and golf and all that when we were sitting on the bench and talking about what our lives were like today. And while that was going on, she was getting text messages from her daughter, I was dealing with my kids and real-life was happening, so we had this cross of the old and the new together in real life, you know? While she plays Ali and I play Johnny, I also play dad. It was so real and that’s why we were sharing something from the past and also something present now, and in the surroundings of a Ferris wheel and the teddy bear on a mini-golf. I had to pinch myself ”.

All three seasons of Cobra Kai can currently be seen on Netflix.


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