Cobra Kai: Season 4? Confirmed At Netflix? Or Cancelled?


Cobra Kai is one of Netflix’s biggest hits. After its passage and cancellation by YouTube Premium, the renowned streaming platform decided to place it on its list and the series managed to become an event. Its third season was released on 1 January, which gave the audience great moments and surprises.

Cobra Kai brought back iconic characters from the 1984 Karate Kid film. In this way, fans were once again able to see Johnny Lawrence and Daniel Laruso, who would resume their old and legendary rivalry. In this third installment, the series continued with this fun dynamic and had a return to the characters in the films. Kumiko (Tamlin Tomita) from ‘Karate Kid II’ returned with a brief and stellar appearance of Elizabeth Shoe as Chogen (Yuji Okumoto) Ali Mills.

Whom shall we see again?

“We will not comment on our future plans in terms of anyone, a character inherited from those films, except that we have a long story to tell. We always leave the door open for any Miyagi to enter and exit the series, “one of the Cobra Kai crooners commented.

In this way, the listener raised the question of whether we would definitely see Ali in season four will see.”, His statement leaves open to all sorts of possibilities for season four simultaneously.

Ali Mills is highly likely to return in season four, but Karate Kid fans feel that other characters may also make cameos in Cobra Kai. Karate Kid III had Terry Silver, who was also jokingly mentioned at the end of last season, so perhaps we’ll see Thomas Ian Griffith enter season four. And other comeback fans dream that Julie Pearce is played by Hilary Swank in the last of the character’s sequel.

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