The date from Marco trends showed that Intel and Coca-cola closed at a market cap of $203 billion and $202 billion respectively putting Bitcoin parallel and worth more than shares of major global companies like Intel and coca-cola. 

The BTC or the bit coin’s market is outstripping companies like Intel and Coca-cola in the midst of major bullish trend on crypto currency.

Intel, a major tech player in the global market saw a drop in the company’s market. Intel saw predominant decline in the market share after it dropped below $259 billion pulling it to a loss of $45 billion by the 24th of July 2020.

 Intel has never seen its market cap go higher than $220 billion while the market cap of Bitcoin crossed a $300 billion in the bullish run during the year 2017 which was the bitcoin’s highest all time high of $20000. And this is not the first time that Bitcoin has surpassed Intel behind.

Yet another giant in the beverage industry who had dropped in the market share is Coca cola. Coca Cola has suffered a major setback this year with losing more than $90 billion in the market cap due to the consequence of the global pandemic. 

The drop in the market cap resulted in the company’s highest decline in its quarterly revenue in the last 30 years.

With many major players suffering drops it has been the graph growing high for Bitcoin. It has been seeing many bullish moves more than $80 billion which is about 405 in the market cap since January 1st 2020. August 2 has seen the highest crypto currency in the market cap crossing $12000 price mark.

Bitcoin’s capitalization is seen to overtake many open traded and major players in the market today with significant bullish pattern on the crypto currency markets.


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