Coinbase CMO Talks About Her Company’s Highly Successful ‘QR Code’ Superbowl Ad


Coinbase’s Super Bowl LVI commercial, which aired yesterday (February 13), was so creative and powerful that it not only made Coinbase a hot topic on Twitter minutes after it aired, but it also impressed others in the advertising profession.

Coinbase’s 59-second commercial featured an animated QR code that, when scanned with a smartphone, takes users to a page on the Coinbase website that allows non-Coinbase users in the United States (except Hawaii) to sign up by February 15 and receive $15 in free Bitcoin, as well as all Coinbase users to enter a lottery for a chance to win one of three $1 million grand prizes.

“The early winner for the most effective ad during this year’s Super Bowl might just go to Coinbase,” Mashable said.

Katie Notopoulos, a BuzzFeed News tech reporter, tweeted: It brings me no pleasure to announce the Coinbase ad was… very cool

— Katie Notopoulos (@katienotopoulos) February 14, 2022

One of the numerous advertising industry professionals that was impressed by Coinbase’s campaign was Jameson Fleming, Adweek’s agencies editor:

My favourite Super Bowl ads are the ones that break the mould. Coinbase is 100% that. Whether you loved it or hated it, it’s the No. 1 ad people will be talking about tomorrow.

— Jameson Fleming (@JamesonFleming) February 14, 2022

Unfortunately, the ad was a bit too effective, driving so much traffic to Coinbase that shortly after it aired, it temporarily brought down the Coinbase website, as you can see from this tweet by Coinbase’s Chief Product Officer.

Coinbase published a blog post late yesterday that included an interview with Kate Rouch, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer.

A few highlights from that interview are listed below.

During the Superbowl, there were a lot of crypto ads.

“The quantity of crypto advertising during the Super Bowl is yet another indicator that crypto is breaking through to the mainstream and becoming a cultural zeitgeist.” What a day for cryptography!”

On the Massive Traffic That Brought the Coinbase Website Down.

On the Huge Traffic That Briefly Brought Down the Coinbase Website

“Our engineering teams load-tested our site to handle millions of simultaneous hits. The volume we experienced was astounding in comparison to our projections.

We saw over 20M+ hits on our landing page in one minute — volume that was historic and unprecedented.

“We also saw engagement that was 6 times higher than our previous benchmarks. Understandably, this volume led to us temporarily throttling our systems.

Hats off to our engineering team for getting the site back online so swiftly, and allowing us to welcome more people to the crypto economy.“

On The WAGMI Campaign

“Our ad helps the millions of Americans who are curious about crypto get started — completely on us! It is not about an outdated winner takes all model, but instead embraces the core ethos that ‘we’re all going to make it’ and can all benefit from the crypt economy…

“We are committed to investing tens of millions of dollars in this program to help people learn about crypto.

We’re not limiting it to a handful of winners, or even to Super Bowl Sunday. People will have two full days to sign up and get $15 in bitcoin.“

The Inspiration Behind the ‘QR Code’ Ad

“Our core inspiration for the ad was the curiosity and intimidation we know many people have about crypto.

We wanted to pique their interest by doing something different, something that’s never been done in the history of Super Bowl advertising — a playful, low production nod to a popular Internet meme that invites action and discussion both in the living room, and on social media.

“We are a remote first company. Our CEO and his co-founder met on Reddit. Traditional highly produced Super Bowl advertising just didn’t feel inspiring to us.

We wanted to show up in a more authentic way to our brand. We hope people find it in turn surprising, confounding and delightful.“

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