Constantine Series Officially Coming to HBO Max With New Lead Character Star, Here Are The Details On Release Date, Cast & Plot

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CONSTANTINE is a 2005 based superhero horror film that was taken from a DC Comic namely Hellblazer. And now, there is a whole new set of TV series being planned out, here Are the updates about the new lead character star, release date, and plot for the new Constantine movie.

For HBO Max, Constantine is being rebooted and the series will star John Constantine, the DC character. When they are in their true shape, he is able to interact with half-angels and half-demons. As Lucifer fans get ready, we have all the updates that you need to hear about when the Constantine series will air.

  • Constantine – The Start And Hints For Release

In February 2021, news of the upcoming series came to light and Evil Robot was reported to have been behind the darker reboot.

The new series will depict the character of the title as a young Londoner, and in March the pilot scripts will be discussed.

It is too early to predict when the series will be published, as the news has only just come to light.

Fans may hope for a release date by the end of 2022, but development has been tested to its maximum in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. We will be updating you as soon as the official release date gets unveiled.

  • Cast Details 

In the initial NBC series, which aired between 2014 and 2015, Matt Ryan played the character.

The next “occult detective” will be cast as a “diverse lead” according to Deadline, but no one has yet been headhunted, in particular.

The character is related to Lucifer – another character from DC who is the Devil who travels from Hell to LA.

Currently, Lucifer is the hero of his own movie, and Tom Ellis plays him.

In the past, there has been a crossover between Lucifer and Constantine, and fans expect that Ellis will make an appearance in the new season.

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  • Is The Trailer Out?

Unfortunately, at this point in time, there is no teaser for the remake since the scripts are already in planning.

It is not likely that viewers will see a preview until a few weeks before the series is scheduled to air.

Fans have already shared their enthusiasm for the new episode, with one saying on Twitter: “I love Matt Ryan, but I can definitely get behind a diverse lead!”

  • Plot Details

Following the DC character who hunts supernatural creatures, the series is likely to be another crime thriller.

As he seeks to protect the earth from potential attacks, the devil hunter repents of his previous sins.

Due to a ‘Rising Gloom,’ Spirits are able to break through to the physical world and Constantine wants to avoid this.

In doing so, after mistakes he made in his childhood, he hopes to redeem his soul from torture.

It’s too early at this point in time to determine just how the revival will be different from the original series and movie.

As the first series only ran for one season, some viewers are shouting for the original cast to be brought back.

One fan said: “Matt Ryan is Constantine. He’s the only casting choice that makes sense.”

Another said: “I thought this was going to give @mattryanreal another (better) show at first. Complete reboot without him? No thank you.”

Even, there are plenty of DC fanatics who are eager to give a shot to the latest series who are eager to take on the part with someone new.

One spectator said, “I never understood why the show was canceled in the first place, it was good.”


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