Cowboy Bepop: Netflix Announces Cast Of Live-Action!


Netflix today unveiled the full cast and the characters they will play in the Cowboy Bebop series, an adaptation of the anime series of the same title in live-action.

Based on the worldwide phenomenon of Sunrise Inc., Cowboy Bebop is a series that mixes various genres, in the manner of jazz music. It tells the story of an anarchic group of bounty hunters fleeing their pasts as they hunt down the most dangerous criminals throughout the solar system. They might even save the world… at a good price.

Casting confirmation and character description:

JOHN CHO (Star Trek, Searching) as Spike Spiegel

Spike Spiegel is a deadly smile, ironic, and very stylish bounty hunter. Journey through the solar system with fellow ex-cop Jet chasing future criminals with a combination of charm, charisma, and great mastery of jeet Kune do.

MUSTAFA SHAKIR (Luke Cage (Marvel) as Jet Black.

Jet Black was one of the few honest policemen in the solar system before a great betrayal stripped him of everything he loved, forcing him into the wandering life of bounty hunters in order to earn a living. Jet is a jazz enthusiast and captain of the Bebop ship.

Faye Valentine is a brash and unpredictable bounty hunter. Despite suffering amnesia after spending years cryogenic, Faye is capable of doing anything to survive. He has no qualms about lying, stealing, or being a nuisance to Spike and Jet.

ALEX HASSELL (Red Sea Rescue; Suburbicon) as Vicious.

Have fun with a good murder: Vicious is the most recognized hitman in the Syndicate. He is also the arch-enemy – and former partner – of Spike Spiegel.

ELENA SATINE (Strange Angel) as Julia.

With her sultry beauty and a voice to die for, Julia is Spike Spiegel’s unreachable dream. Constantly fight to survive in a world full of violence.

GEOFF STULTS (He) (Little Fires Everywhere, 12 Brave) as Chalmers.

Chalmers is the paradigm of a Western lawyer. He is also the former partner of former Inspector Jet Black in the homicide division of the ISSP (Intersolar System Police). He has a permanent smile that makes you want to punch him in the face… Jet especially. And that’s just one of the reasons, as Chalmers is also dating his ex-wife.

TAMARA TUNIE (Ella) (Black Earth Rising, Dietland) as Ana.

Ana is the owner of the most popular jazz and blues club on Mars at Cowboy Bebop. And even though she acts as Spike’s mother, there is nothing cute and sweet about her. Distant and intense, Ana is undoubtedly a woman not to be trifled with.

MASON ALEXANDER PARK (Elle) (Hedwig and the Angry Inch, the Broadway musical) as Gren.

Gren is Ana’s, right-hand man. Elle is responsible for serving the clients of Ana’s jazz club. Clever with her wit and regardless of whether she’s wearing a dress or a suit, she is the personification of the most seductive beauty of the 22nd century. Bowie style).

RACHEL HOUSE (Ella) (Thor Ragnarok, Soul) as Mao.

Mao is the union boss of the White Tigers family in Cowboy Bebop. Despite coming from a hardworking family, or perhaps because of this, Mao is more resourceful, skilled, skilled, and more deadly than his colleagues.

ANN TRUONG (Her) (Strike Back !, Human Target 2) and HOA XUANDE (Him) (Ronny Chieng: International Student, Top of the lake) as Shin & Lin in Cowboy Bebop.

Dressed to kill (because they kill), Shin and Lin are Vicious’s two henchman brothers in Cowboy Bebop. Despite being afraid of their unpredictable boss, for reasons we still don’t understand, they are savagely loyal to Vicious and his mission to take down Spike Spiegel.


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