Croatian Retailer Reports An Increase In Crypto Payments


The crypto market had a terrific month in July, with many major digital assets seeing gains that surpassed the previous month’s highs.

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum saw significant gains in July, with Bitcoin gaining about 25% of its value to $24,000 and Ethereum gaining close to 55% to $1,700.

Tesla, the electric vehicle firm owned by Elon Musk, announced in July that it will sell 75% of its Bitcoin holdings.

A portion of the company’s stock was sold off last year.

By selling 1.4 million Coinbase shares, Cathie Woods Ark was able to raise $75 million.

United States securities regulators are looking into whether WazirX allowed Americans to trade tokens that should have been registered as securities, according to the business.

Because of a less hawkish Federal Reserve, lessening inflation concerns, and an uptick in investors’ demand for riskier assets, the global crypto market was on a bullish track last week.

Mudrex CEO and Co-Founder Edul Patel, who referenced CryptoCompare’s analysis, claims that Ethereum and its connected items were the driving force behind the market’s resurgence in July.

“Ethereum is simply one step away from a merger,” he observed amid the confusion.

Bitcoin’s expansion objectives have been supported by some cities in the United States, such as Miami.

5,000 Ethereum NFTs are set to be live shortly in Miami, he said, thanks to a partnership with MasterCard, Time, and Salesforce.

A correction of $24,000 is predicted by Patel before Bitcoin reaches the $25,000 barrier in the coming weeks. It is possible that Ethereum might reach $2,000 if it continuously breaks through the $1,700 barrier.

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The market is expected to maintain its current pace, according to market experts

This week, the crypto market saw a brief uptick, with the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum experiencing their greatest performance in recent months.

Due to the excitement surrounding the activation of the ‘Fee Switch,’ which is expected to reward Uniswap holders, Uniswap has seen a significant rally, climbing more than 140 percent from its low point this year.”

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