Dafne Keen And The Unfinished X-Men Spin-Off Project!


Dafne Keen reveals that Fox was planning a spin-off of her character X-23 before Disney’s intervention and is unaware of the status of the project.

The X-Men franchise was one of the first to hit the big screen and move a large following. Although the latest installments have not convinced the public, there is no doubt about the influence they had on the comic adaptations that followed. For his part, Fox had big plans for the future of the franchise. But all of these were canceled after Disney took over the studio. Now actress Dafne Keen talks about the possible X-23 spin-off and her status.

Spanish actress Dafne Keen made the leap to the big screen in Logan. In it, she plays a young X-23 on her journey with a Wolverine who has been through a lot. She is now the star of His Dark Materials, HBO’s adaptation of the Philip Pullman books. During season two promotions, she talks about her career with Elle magazine and Fox’s plans for her.

The actress says some Fox executives told her that they had plans to develop a spin-off of X-23. Dafne Keen would be in charge of starring in this sequel to the X-Men. The plan began to unfold during the production of Logan. But since then they have not given him more details of the film. But she reveals that if they call to do it she would be happy to return.

“Some people at Fox told me that maybe there was a spin-off. But this was many years ago when we were filming Logan. They haven’t said anything to me since. I think we are only at the beginning. There are still many things to say and it is a kind of relay race. I joined when they had already written the script, started pre-production, and decided to continue filming. As soon as they say ‘let’s go’ I’ll go ”.

For her part, Dafne Keen was without a doubt a great find and one of the best parts of Logan. So it would be a good idea to bring her back and explore her character after Wolverine dies. But after Disney took over Fox, this is unlikely to happen. Marvel Studios is already preparing how to introduce the X-Men into its Cinematic Universe and it is very likely that they will seek to restart the entire saga.

Although at the moment all is not lost and Dafne Keen could be X-23 in the MCU if they propose it. She would not be the first to repeat her role from studio to studio.


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