Dafne Keen Criticises Sexism In Disney Movies


Young actress Dafne Keen became famous for participating in Logan (2017) and now stars in the HBO series His Dark Materials.

In a recent interview, Dafne Keen delved into her influences on female heroines, particularly in the fantasy and superhero genres that she works on now, such as her current projects such as the Dark Matter series and the 2017 film Logan. Influential Disney movies in which she and millions of other girls grew up, she said: “They are dangerous because you cannot identify what is really wrong. I think we have a long way to go ”.

Meanwhile, she is very proud of her series. “They did a very good job with her,” Dafne Keen said of the approach to some of the more adult issues facing the protagonist of Dark Matter. “In season 1 he gets into really intense relationships with people, but that doesn’t go well for him, so in season 2 he’s a lot more suspicious. He is having a bad time, I would say.

She hopes her generation can continue to see complex female characters in stories that are not built on sexist clichés.

Dafne Keen named Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique from the X-Men franchise as her favorite heroine. But she is frustrated by the way many of the female action characters that dominate the screen “still feed off the sexist world we live in. ”

Batman on one condition.

Dark Matter is a fantasy adventure drama written by Jack Thorne based on the Philip Pullman series of novels of the same name. This story is set in the alternate world where humans have a soul bond in the form of animal companions called demons. The story follows the young orphan Lyra Belacqua (also known as Lyra Silvertongue, played by Dafne Keen).

Lyra lives with academics at Jordan College, Oxford before discovering a secret that sets in motion a dangerous chain of events involving a witch’s prophecy, the disappearance of a friend, and a mysterious and powerful substance called Dust. The series is currently airing on HBO.


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