Danny’s Star Wall.

Danny's Star Wall.
Danny's Star Wall.

Hey guys, are you all bored? If yes, get yourself a brewing hot cup of espresso and get yourself ready. Because the biggest announcement is BBC is bringing back its remake of ‘The Wall’ with the one and only Danny Dyer.

Excitement level shoots up to 100!

Yes, I can feel.

Quizzing is one of our most favourite pastimes and this quiz show has been successful in keeping the audience engaged and glued to the TV screens and has already made an exclusive comeback with its second season on the 3rd of October. 

Fans cannot hold on to their amusement, neither can the producer Stephen Lovelock and commissioner Charlotte Moore. They say that they are ready to witness a show with higher doses of entertainment, team spirit and more interactive sessions. 

And they are sure that the fans will keep loving it all the more. 

Danny's Star Wall.
Danny’s Star Wall.

Danny, in an interview, remarked that he still cannot believe that the show is returning with another season and he too cannot hold back his excitement to meet the new set of participants and he hopes that these contestants become extremely successful.

The controller, Kate Philips also shared her excitement with the fans and the back stories of how successful the other seasons were. Even the creative director did not forget to share his views on how the healthy dose of Danny, Angela and the infamous balls will become the perfect potions for the world to be happy today.

And after all of this mood-boosting information, I do not think I will have to tell you to quicken yourselves up for the show. I take it that my crazy bunch of friends are more than ready.

Guys, Go and Watch your favourite show and of course do not forget to share with us your views and thoughts.

Love and luck to all. Stay with us for more updates.


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