Dark Spinoff: Possibilities and Much More


If you are more into mind-bending science fiction series and mystery shows, then you are bound to love Netflix’s Dark series. Nothing can beat this show’s concept. It is German trilogy series that recently aired its third season on June 26, 2020.

The creators claimed that it is the final season, but fans can’t get over it. They want another season filled with loose ends and various twists and turns. So will there be a new season or a spin-off series or Dark? Keep reading to find out!

Dark series Reviews from audience and critics

The debut season mostly received positive reviews from the viewers. Some even compared it to the Netflix series Stranger Things and TV show Twin Peaks. However, even Stranger Things fans claimed that it is way more in-depth and darker. The series gained fame for the complexity of its narrative, its tone, and its smooth pacing. 

However, it did receive some negative reviews for a lack of sympathetic characters, the message, and the unoriginality of some aspects of the show. The second season received both good and bad reviews. It was more bizarre and ominous than the previous season. Lastly, the final season was bewildering and thrilling. Rotten Tomatoes gave an approval rating of 96% based on 23 reviews.

Dark Spinoff: Possibilities and Much More

Is there a  possibility of Dark spin-off series or Dark Season 4?

As of now, Dark has only three seasons on Netflix. As soon as the final season ended in June, fans started demanding for a new season. Everybody knew that the end was coming. However, Netflix has clearly stated that season 3 will be the last season of the show. Recently, neither Netflix nor the creators have officially announced the renewal of the show or a spin-off series.

Still, the fans are requesting the show creators Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar to renew Dark for season 4. As we all know, the streaming giant keeps its attention to fans’ demands and requests. In the last few years, we have seen it renewing some canceled series. Also, we have seen numerous stories in the final season being unfolded in the spin-off series.

However, everything depends on the writers and creators of the show. Also, they have enough content to create another spin-off series of Dark. If it happens, then all the loose ends will be covered in the new series. Fans will also get to see the story from a different point of view, or even from a different time as well. Moreover, it will attract new subscribers. We hope this becomes true, and Netflix bows to the audience’s demands and brings a new series.

So if Netflix pays attention to fans’ demands once again, we can expect a spin-off series or season 4 soon. The show creators Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar stated, that while making the series, they always viewed it as a three-season thing. However, there are very slim chances for the show to return, but there is no harm in requesting and waiting for a response from Netflix.

Lastly, we believe a spin-off will be way better than a new season. Plus, a new Spin-off series is what the fans need right now. Stay connected to find more details and the latest updates about the Dark series.

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