DC Revealed About Batman Day, Here’s Everything You Should Know About It


Welcome back folks! Today we bring to you the updates from one of the most talked-about movies right now, The Batman, which has a ton of fan following and is one of the most sought after characters for stories.

DC and Warner Bros Studios, have been diligent in celebrating Batman day every year, and this year too will be celebrating it in June. However, what confuses fans and viewers is that the date for the annual event keeps changing and no one knows why.

DC has finally spoken out and about the day and why it keeps changing the dates amongst many other things

About Batman Day

The first batman day was celebrated 4 years ago on July 23, 2014, as an afterparty to the comic con held that year in San Diego.

This year being the 80th anniversary of Batman and it being five years since the event has started, we are promised the most extravagant installment year.

The Batman

This year, there is a special events of  marathons for 5k at oracle park in san Francisco and numerous Batman Story Times at national Barnes & Noble chains.Moreover,

Joker should be worried about this thunder getting stolen as the event takes place two weeks prior to the latter’s release. We can not wait to see what the Studios have in store for us this year.

Save The Date

For the last couple of years, however, the date has always lied somewhere in September and these were dated to be September 17 in 2016, September 23, and then September 15. This year, however, Batman Day will fall on Sept. 21 and DC plans on some exciting surprises for fans.

The bat signal is rumored to be transmitted in some of the major cities across the globe and you can track these through your “bat tracker”.

some have also claimed to hold Batman Day Birthday celebrations and Batman story times

Batman is one of our favorite superhero franchise What do you think of batman and batmobile? Who is your favorite DC character?

Do share your views and keep following us for more exciting from DC that we dig for you!



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