Dead to Me Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Cast Details

Dead to Me fans are clamouring for more. Netflix’s drama-laced black comedy wrapped up its second season with yet another twist in its tangled storey, and fans are clamouring for answers to the show’s most pressing questions. Fans of the show will, thankfully, not have to wait long.

Netflix announced via Twitter in July 2020 that Dead to Me had been renewed for a third season, which will also be the show’s final season.

The final episodes will most certainly tie up the current events involving protagonists Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini) and the string of murders and mayhem that follows them wherever they go.

So far, Netflix has done a decent job of keeping season 3’s finer details under wraps. Apart from the presence of a third season, very little has been verified. However, we can make some informed guesses based on Dead to Me’s release history.

When will Season 3 of Dead to Me be released?

The release date for Season 3 of Dead to Me is yet to be announced by Netflix. The show has often premiered in early May in the past. This trend will continue under normal circumstances, but the COVID-19 pandemic has placed a strain on many shows’ development processes.

Source: Looper

Liz Feldman, the author of Dead to Me, told The Hollywood Reporter in August 2020 that the earliest her team will begin writing will be in December.

Season 3’s true release date is still uncertain, since it is unknown whether Dead to Me’s producers adhered to that timeline.

The fact that Netflix has made no official announcements suggests that the season could still premiere in the summer, but this seems to be a long shot. Although fans will have to wait for Dead to Me to reach its epic end, they can rest assured that the show is still in the works.

Who is in the cast of Dead to Me season 3?

Though Netflix hasn’t confirmed it, it’s almost inevitable that the majority of the cast will return for the final season of Dead to Me. After all, a show would be nothing without its cast, especially Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini.

Following the season 3 announcement, Feldman took to Twitter to clarify that she would be collaborating with both Applegate and Cardellini for the remainder of the series. Fans should also hope to see Detective Perez (Diana Maria Riva), Ben Wood (James Marsden), and other recurring characters from Dead to Me return (via IMDb).

While this isn’t particularly shocking, it’s comforting to know that no one will be spared from the show’s final season.

Netflix has yet to announce whether or not the show will have any new cast members. In the Dead to Me world, there has never been a lack of colourful characters, so it’s difficult to imagine a new season of episodes without the introduction of a new character.

Fans will most likely have to wait until the new season premieres before finding more specific about the cast.

What is the story of Dead to Me Season 3? 

Before the end of Dead to Me, there are a lot of loose ends to tie up. Jen and Judy are both suspected of the unsolved murders of two different characters at this stage.

Source: Digital Spy

The show ends with Jen and Judy being struck by a car driven by Ben, the twin brother of one of the victims, in the final episode of the second season.

Ben flees before Jen and Judy can notice him, turning the situation into a hit-and-run and further complicating matters. Now it seems that no one is guilt-free, and the fates of the main characters are in jeopardy.

There’s no way of knowing how these events will unfold. After all, we can’t expect Netflix to risk spoiling the series finale until it airs. Unfortunately, this means that things will probably stay the same until season 3 arrives on Netflix in the (hopefully) not-too-distant future.

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