Dead to me Season 3: Some Darkness and all Comedy

Dead to me Season 3: Some Darkness and all Comedy
Dead to me Season 3: Some Darkness and all Comedy

Comedy series is a vital source acting as A-one mood boosters. The thought of comedy itself lifts up our spirits. The story is the same for all of us. Therefore, for our followers, today we have updates about comedy-drama.

Oops sorry, Dark Comedy Drama.

Yes, Fellas, you have got that correct.

The famous dark comedy series Dead to Me is coming back with its season 3. Gear Up Guys!!! The ultimate Drama season will be here soon.


This beautiful creation by the celebrated Liz Feldman from the production house of the duo Will Ferrell and Adam McKay will be premiered on Netflix in May 2021. 

This show has been highly viewed and rated through its last two seasons. And why won’t that be when a show has an amazing storyline and stars the gorgeous Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini in lead roles. 

Others in the crew include, James Marsden, Charlie McKarty and Luke Roessler.

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Curves and Shifts

Through this new season viewers will have an essence of the oldies with a number of twists and turns in the track. 

A blend of some new members along with maximum of the old ones will add flavor. The story starts from Jen Harding starring Christina and Judy Hale played by Linda’s life, where meeting in a therapy season, these two women have become great friends. 

Their bond becomes stronger with each passing day and they together try to successfully overcome a few shortcomings. The real taste is observed when Judy becomes responsible for Jen’s husband’s death.

This show has been the talk of the town from its Day one, on Air. Viewers specifically call it a show with marvelous seasons. Only one sad note is that production confirms that the series will come to an end with its season three. 

Amidst all the sorrow of the current scenario of the world, this do add some dark comic relief.

Thus, Guys, we will all have a rocking 2021 and we cannot be more patient for it.

We wish it a speedy telecast!


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