‘Destiny: The Winx Saga’ Differences Between The Animated And Netflix Series


The Alpha Academy has reopened its doors for a new generation of Winx, but fans of the mythical original series will have noticed the many differences that both proposals put on the table. ‘ Destiny: The Winx Saga ‘ builds its own path as a mix of adventure and adolescent portraiture with touches of ‘Young Adult’ fantastic and references ranging from Harry Potter to ‘Vampire Academy’, leaving behind the colorful costumes of ‘Winx Club’ to give way to a version, in certain aspects, more “adult”.

The series introduces us to Bloom ( Abigail Cowen ), a young woman who discovers in the worst possible way that she possesses the power to generate fire. After an accident with her powers, which suddenly manifests in her teens, she is sent to an academy in a magical world she did not know existed, where people like her work to control her powers. Thus he meets those who will gradually become his circle of trust: Aisha ( Precious Mustapha ), who controls the water, Musa ( Elisha Applebaum ), who can feel the feelings of others, Terra ( Eliot Salt ), who works with the elements earthly, and Stella ( Hannah van der Westhuizen), which is capable of generating light. In the mix, we will also find other characters whose powers are that of combat, such as Sky ( Danny Griffin ), who will be at the center of the love drama, and the rebel Riven ( Freddie Thorp ).

Now that the first season is available on Netflix, we review everything that ‘Destiny: The Winx Saga’ offers us and how it compares with the original animated series, ‘Winx Club’, which marked the childhood of many viewers in the early 2000s.

The Netflix series has given a new life and image to the characters who already starred in the original series, among which we find Bloom, Stella, Musa, Aisha, Sky and others.

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