The Spider-Verse is getting closer and closer. Now a video of 2019 has come to light and Tom Holland’s reaction when asked about the multiverse in Spider-Man 3.

For months, Spider-Man 3 has been at the center of many rumors. Much is said about the possibility of the three Peter Parkers reuniting on the big screen. In addition to Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and Emma Stone could also appear. Although nothing is entirely confirmed, a video of Tom Holland where he reacts to this issue came to light in 2019.

As we said before, we still have to wait for Sony to confirm the rumors that are circulating on the internet. However, Spider-Man 3 has already started filming in Atlanta and Tobey Maguire has been seen doing a costume fitting . While we await confirmation of the return of the Spideys, a video of 2019 starring Tom Holland has come to light that is already giving much to talk about.

A very striking reaction

In the video posted on networks, FOX 32 News journalist Jake Hamilton asked Tom Holland, Zendaya and Jacob Batalon if there was any possibility that the various Spider-Man would meet in an upcoming movie. “That would be cool,” Zendaya replied. “Shocking,” Batalon said. Meanwhile, Holland looks at his companions with a half smile and in silence. His face gives a lot to think about.

We all know that the actor lived through moments of great clumsiness since his beginnings in Marvel, since he revealed details in interviews or live on Instagram that should be kept secret. In an interview he gave in February, he assured that he already knew “all the secrets” of Spider-Man 3 and that Marvel Studios and Sony were more confident in his ability not to provide spoilers. “It will be something very special, something very different,” he had commented at the time.

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