Dirty Dancing Sequel Won’t Replace Patrick Swayze


Actress Jennifer Gray tells how the sequel to Dirty Dancing will be and that the studio has no plans to replace Patrick Swayze.

Dirty Dancing is one of the most popular movies of the 70s and it still maintains its magic today. Starring Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze introduce us to the romance between Baby and Johnny. A coming of age tape loaded with dance and music. And that (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life won the Oscar for best original song. Undoubtedly a classic that many fondly remember. So Lionsgate saw an opportunity to continue monetizing it 33 years later. This summer the producer announced that they are developing a sequel to Dirty Dancing.

Although many fans of the original film received the news with open arms. Many others have doubts about what Dirty Dancing 2 will be like. Not only because there is a possibility that it will not measure up to the 1987 film. If not, large absences must be taken into account. Especially that of its protagonist, Patrick Swayze. The actor passed away in 2009 from pancreatic cancer. So it is unknown what will be done with his character in the sequel.

For her part, actress Jennifer Gray will once again put herself in Baby’s shoes 33 years later. He also reassures the fans of Dirty Dancing and ensures that no one will replace Patrick Swayze’s Johnny. This has been confirmed by Gray in an interview with People magazine. It clarifies that no one could ever achieve that magic again and that the studio has chosen to do something different. Although it does not reveal which.

“All I can say is that no one is going to replace someone who has passed away. You never try to repeat something as magical as that. You are just trying to do something different. [Dirty Dancing] was about innocence and the way that innocence is lost. And how people explode in other versions of themselves.

The sequel to Dirty Dancing is not the only project of its kind that has been developed in recent years. In 2017, the ABC network was in charge of creating a reboot of the film. Starring Abigail Breslin and Colt Prattes re-imagined the events of the original. Jennifer Gray said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that she had been offered a role in the reboot. But I finally end up rejecting it.

“They asked me to do something on that show and I was flattered because I’ve always liked being asked. It’s good that they include you in things. But for me, it would have been a sacred thing to do it because I didn’t feel it was appropriate. I think if you’re going to do your own thing you should do it at all. I’m not going to say what role they offered me, but I can tell you it wasn’t Baby ”.

News of the sequel to Dirty Dancing jumped this summer through the Deadline medium. Lionsgate producer John Feltheimer described it as one of Hollywood’s worst-kept secrets. Jennifer Gray will once again be Baby and will also serve as producer. At the moment the details of the plot are unknown.

“It will be exactly the romantic, nostalgic movie that fans have been waiting for for a long time.”


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