Two of the largest movie studios in the world, such as Disney and Sony, want to expand their collaboration for the rights of Spider-Man.

When the 21st century began, Marvel sold the film rights to its characters to different movie studios. Spider-Man to Sony, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four to FOX, and Hulk to Universal. Then a few years later Disney bought Marvel and now they are taking back little by little all these heroes and villains that were scattered around.

A new report notes that a new deal between Disney and Sony could not only offer more movie collaborations for Spider-Man between the two movie studios, but they also want to make new live-action TV shows.

Details are scant for now, but sources say the deal will keep Spider-Man in the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe for three additional solo films with an option for more.

We will see the college years of Peter Parker.

When they resumed to the Spider-Man of Tom Holland they showed as a young high school. That is why in the first three installments we will see his passage through high school until his graduation. But in the next movies, we will see him go to college. So then he must go out into the real world to find work and start his life as a photographer and superhero.

A few months ago, rumors circulated that Amazon wanted to acquire the live-action television programs planned by Sony, but Disney + also wants them and will include content for the streaming platform in the new agreement. This form of entertainment is the absolute priority since the pandemic slowed down the film industry.

Clearly, the potential of Miles Morales’ Spider-Man with the Young Avengers or Spider-Man villain story has tremendous potential to become television series. At the same time, they are introducing characters who then make the leap to the cinema. All cohesive in an exaggerated way so that it makes sense as a whole. As they have been doing in the Cinematic Universe since they released Iron Man in 2008.

Which Spider-Man characters would you like to have their own Disney + series?


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