Disney responds to a lawsuit against Toy Story 4 over Duke


Disney has always been making wonderful animation movies and its Toy Story movie series is loved by kids and adults alike. But now Disney is in trouble as the company has been sued for inappropriate and illegal characterization of a famous Canadian stunts man. Disney could get a penalty for the same. 


Filed by the late stuntman’s son Kelly Knievel, the lawsuit states that the characterization of the late stuntman, Evel Knievel was inappropriate and was done without his permission. Kelly holds the legal right for the publicity of his father since the latter’s death. Kelly has asked for a damage amount of $300,000 from Disney for the same claiming that the wrongful characterization has affected the image of his father badly. This characterization has been done in the movie “Toy Story 4” where a toy riding a motorbike can be seen who says he is the greatest stuntman ever Canada has seen.

Though the character is named Duke Caboom and nowhere in the film has it been mentioned that the character is based on the legendary stuntman, the fans and Kelly say that it is quite clear that the character is based on the late stuntman from the fact that he says he is the greatest stuntman of Canada. This dialogue was the trademarked term used by Evel in his days. Disney has responded to the lawsuit by saying that it will vigorously defend their character and the company has claimed that the allegations are completely baseless.     

Whatever happens at the court one can’t deny the fact that Toy Story 4 was a pleasant movie to watch and more of this series would surely continue in the future.


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