Disney reveals how its live-action Mulan digital purchase will work


A few weeks before, Disney announced that they would launch the live-action Mulan film on Disney Plus. It was expected to premiere in theaters, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the movie premiere was canceled. Now, Disney’s streaming service will launch the film, but it won’t be for free, even for the subscribers. Here we have added all the important details about the topic.

Disney Plus will charge the subscribers to watch the live-action Mulan film

Various production houses are suffering from heavy losses due to the ongoing pandemic. Films that were supposed to launch after March 2020 are either getting postponed or releasing on other streaming platforms. On top of that, nobody is ready to step out of their homes.

Even Disney was changing the release date of their upcoming live-action film named Mulan. To overcome the loss and earn revenue from the live-action film Mulan, it finally decided to launch the movie on its streaming service. However, unlike any other films, Mulan won’t be free. Instead, the subscribers will have to pay a certain price to watch the complete film.

How to purchase the Disney Plus Live-action Mulan?

Earlier this month, when Disney announced the news, it did not reveal much about the cost and other important details. But now, we finally have all the information about how to buy the film. Soon after, the company announced the launch date of the film on their platform, many fans raised questions about how its procedure will work. Some even asked the price of the film. 

Recently, Disney updated the cost and the payment process of the film on its official website. They disclosed that the fans can buy the upcoming film with in-app purchases. They can pick one among Google, Roku, and Apple to purchase the film. You can read the tweet about the official partners of Disney below.

Disney‘s live-action Mulan film will cost 30 USD. It is expected to go live for the Disney Plus users to purchase next month. However, only Disney Plus subscribers will be able to buy the film on September 4, 2020.

So if you are a fan of Mulan, and want to watch the upcoming film, then you will have to subscribe to the streaming service and purchase the film.

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