Hey Guys, you remember actor John Boyega who played his role as the former Stormtrooper Finn and Kelly Marie Tran’s character Rose Tico. Yes, I think most of us will be able to recall.

I have a quick gossip about him today.

Recently, the actor Boyega took to social media where he candidly spoke of his views on how the Star Wars trilogy sequel mishandled the characters of colors, it seems the actor quite disliked the racial disturbance. 

The actor revealed to a source that recently he was contacted by an unknown Disney executive for his recent revelations on social media about Disney’s approach towards the actor.

Disney Spoke with John Boyega after Star Wars criticism.
Disney Spoke with John Boyega after Star Wars criticism.

He also remarked that it was a peaceful talk where both parties got enough chances to put forward their views. Boyega remarked that it was a peaceful and transparent conversation between the two people. 

The actor feels that this type of conversations I will create much space for young boys who will be entering the industry after him, he also hopes that the conversation doesn’t become much of a taboo.

After all of these airing of grievances the actor also mention that his co-actors extended their support to him and stood by him in this matter and thus he would remain grateful to all of them.

A true influencer indeed! 

What say Guys?


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