Disney+ To Have A Separate Section For Adult Content

Maura Moynihan- Disney's China Problem: West's elite covering up CCP's misdeeds.
Maura Moynihan- Disney's China Problem: West's elite covering up CCP's misdeeds.

After huge announcements for the future of its platform, Disney + announced that it will have an adult section and will increase its cost.

After the big announcements of the future projects that we will see in Disney +, the streaming platform also revealed other details that should not be overlooked. On investor day, the house of the mouse announced that it will add the Star service to its catalog, starting on February 23, 2021, in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the European territories where it is already present, among which is Spain.

This extension of the catalog will lead to a price increase to 8.99 euros per month (although those who are already subscribed will maintain the price of 6.99 for six months). What is a Star? It is a service that Disney created to emulate its American streaming platform Hulu. Star will join Disney + at the height of the current sections of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic and will have adult content from Disney-owned studios such as 20th Century, Searchlight, FX, ABC, and Freeform.

It will have an age restriction.

As Disney + is a platform mainly focused on family use, this part of the catalog will be protected so that the little ones cannot see anything of it without adult supervision. Great news for users who wanted a less childish catalog within Disney +.

In this way, within this catalog perhaps you can find titles such as Logan, Alien, Die Hard, Deadpool. Also series like American Horror Story, Homeland, Grey’s Anatomy, Prison Break, Futura. Not to mention one of the best-animated series in recent years, unreleased in Spain so far, Bob’s Burgers. It even seems that the audience will finally be able to see the series Love, Victor, a spin-off of With Love, Simon. All of this content will appear from February.


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