Doctor Who: The Daleks Form an Alliance With the Mechanoids


Daleks! Is the spin-off of the famous BBC TV series “Doctor Who”. It is a five part TV series with each episode being around 10 minutes each. You can watch the show on Doctor Who’s official YouTube channel. You can check of the first episode here-

What happened in the second chapter?

In the second episode we saw some interesting things happening. It showed the Doctor on a verge of forging an alliance with his enemies- the Mechanoids! We were left with a lot of questions such as Will they accept- or does the Queen have other plans in mind? And even if they do form an alliance, will it be enough or are they just delaying the inevitable?

You can check out the episode here-

SPOILER ALERT: They end up doing so in the third episode! 

“”We no longer see the Mechanoids as…  inferior.”  

In that moment, a small piece of the Dalek Emperor died.” One fan commented.

What we know about the production of the show?

The voice cast includes Nicholas Briggs (voice of the Daleks in Doctor Who), Joe Sugg (YouTube, Strictly Come Dancing), Anjli Mohindra (Bodyguard, The Sarah Jane Adventures), and Ayesha Antoine (Holby City). The show is written by James Goss and created by Salford-based animators Studio Liddell.

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