Doom in a doomsday: Reason of No Success

Doom in a doomsday: Reason of No Success
Doom in a doomsday: Reason of No Success

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Today we have brought to you a critical study of the Doom movie. All those of us who had watched the Doom Movie might be aware of the fact it was first released in the US, back in 2005, full of negative reviews.

 An Andrzej Bartkowiak’s direction, Doom, a science-fiction action film, was a popular first-person shooter video game, which appeared to be a slam dunk for all concerned.

Reason of Failure

To begin with, the shad of light has been brought on the plot of the movie which according to the critics is one of the major problems as it is vague.

Furthermore, not only did the movie feature a rising WWE-wrestler turned actor Dwayne Johnson but also unlike the other video game movie adaptations, here the Doom’s story seemed ready made.

Doom in a doomsday: Reason of No Success
Doom in a doomsday: Reason of No Success

Previously, there had been some mishaps in the Columbine High School at the beginning when Arnold Schwarzenegger was supposed to be a part of the movie.

But the tragedy took away the lives of some avid Doom’s fans and the production house had to drop the initial plans for the film. 

Then there seemed to a face-off between Dwayne & Vin Diesel, who was also approached for the film.

Another important problem had been Dwayne Johnson’s change of role which earlier of a hero and later turned out to be a villain. 

Critics say that the screen adaptations were also not in place, and the director didn’t put enough effort to learn from the faults. 

Another film critic, Richard Roeper was of the view, that the makers did not put in their hundred percent in the making of the movie.

He expressed that the performance was more awful, there were some action sequences which were just impossible to be followed, the violence was unjustified and nothing was put in place. 

Badly filmed in identical looking and poorly lit corridors of a space station, it had a bad alien knock-off feel. And end of all, it didn’t have any resemblance to its source.

Until now, the reasons revealed are indeed thoughtful. On that more, do let us know your view on this. And, keep revisiting us for more information.


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